Sculpture in Chicago!


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The path to happiness is to know where you come from, and to be open to the possibilities that the future might bring.

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De Donde Vengo…


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A lot of times we have that people in our lives that when you communicate with them, they say why haven’t you called me? Why haven’t you emailed me? Why haven’t you talked to me?
I have a lot of family members, friends and people in my life that uses this phrases. It was not until recently that I feel I had enough. I was thinking about relationships, relationships are formed by two people and if both regardless of the type of relationship want to have a healthy and fair relationship they need to meet each other in the middle.
Many times you wait for other people to call you, or contact you. Remember that you also need to do your part. People get tired of reaching out to you and not getting a response. They will eventually get tire of doing all the work in the relationship. If a relationship is worth it, remember to nurture it and do your part as well.

So long…

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My Nails My Therapy…

Ever since I can remember I love having long nails, when I was little I would cry every time I had to cut them. I have never been a girly girl, but I love having long nails.

Through the cold winter in Chicago and the comfort food. Feeling bored, tired, cold, and a little depressed I started doing my nails weekly. I am always so busy with work, volunteer stuff, school and being a wife that I stopped focusing on me. I decided that I needed some time for myself, time to use all the creativity that dances in my head. I can say that I am an artist without talent. I love painting, but can’t paint, love sing but can’t sing. So doing my nails has helped me use some of my artistic side without being disappointed in my skills.

Every Sunday, after doing everything that I have to do, I try to be home by 7:00 pm to relax, put T.V. or music on depending on the mood, I sit in my couch, take out all my nail polish and choose the colors of the week. I love color, I usually use two or more colors. Working on my nails, helps me concentrate and remove the stress from everything that is around me. It brings positive energy for me to prepare to endure the upcoming week. I never thought I will need anything to remove the stress from my busy routine.

For a few years I started focusing on everything else that I forgot to focus a little about myself. I stopped doing things that made me connect with my inner self, little by little I started feeling a little empty, like something was missing. I wasn’t sure what, but I kept analyzing what was making feel in that unsatisfactory way, until I felt that I wasn’t me anymore. So I started doing things that made me ME.

I made a list of all the things that I love and that I used to do and stopped doing for one reason or another. My list began with sports, dancing, running, painting, doing my nails, writing, etc… I decided that little by little I was going to get back to doing things that I love and make me connect with my inner self.

For a few months now I have been doing my nails weekly, I enjoy the time that I spend decorating them. Is like if everything was far away and for that specific moment everything around would stop. During that moment is just about me, me and no one else and nothing else. I love this feeling, I love being who I am. I love finding out a little more of who I am and who I am becoming every day.

I would recommend for you to stop doing everything you do, just for a few minutes and do something special that will help you reconnect with your inner self. Something that will remind you how great you are. It is okay for you to stop for a second and be a little selfish, it is okay to make yourself a priority. It has taken me long time to realize this. But now that I am doing it, it feels great!

Look under the Nails Design in My Site to see some more pictures of my nails! =)

What is your favorite thing to do, to connect with your inner self?

Pink, Blue and White

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The Finish Line…


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A beautiful and cold day in Chicago!!

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A few days ago I heard someone say, “I try everything but I never commit to anything”. He said it very proud. As a examined him say this, with a shine in his eyes, I wondered… is he actually proud to be like that? That moment has stayed stuck with me for a few days now. I have been thinking that in a way, I am like that, but I am not proud to admit it. How many of you do a lot of different things to experience it? But don’t do it a second time or often enough to make it part of yourself? And say for example, I am a runner… or I am a reader… or a writer?

When people ask me to say what is my favorite thing to do, I tend to want to answer by saying that I love to read, write and play sports. But right before I say it I stop myself and think… I don’t read as much, I don’t write often, and I don’t play sports anymore. So before I ever say anything I just answer by saying “I don’t know”, how can I say that my favorite thing to do something that I don’t do any more?

Throughout my life I have done so many things, I played different sports, I read many books, I did a lot of exciting activities. Am I still allowed to say that those things are my favorite things to do? Even when I haven’t done any of those things in the last  few months? I have never been “really good” at stuff, that is why I try to do different things, but I want to commit!

Last year I started my word press account. I knew that I wanted to write, but after a few months I got busy and I never made time for it. This year I have decided that I will try to write something at least every week. I have so many random thoughts that I think can create something special, something good. I haven’t found a thing that I am great at, but until I figure it out I will be writing about my journey. A journey that will include, baking, exercising, nails designs, volunteering and lots of different things.

So long…

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